Transform Your Life Now!

Transform Your Life Now!

You want to live your best life. You know you can do more and be more. It might be your relationships, your career/business, your health or even your golf game. This is the right time for you to breakthrough and bounce back higher than ever before. Michael has been coaching and training for 40 years in 2 distinct areas. - Helping you bounce back higher from adversity or being stuck. - Helping you have vibrant health in sport and fun.

Bounce Back Higher After Adversity.

You might be facing unsurmountable odds right now. Maybe a breakup or divorce, a hit to your career/business or your health. With Michael's unique coaching style you can take your life to the next level and live your dream. But you need to take action for any wonderful change that you want.

Fitness, Health and Golf

You might be frustrated with your energy level. Maybe you want to shed a few pounds or maybe you want to hit the ball farther and be more consistent in your game. With Michael's proven fitness and golf fitness program, EagleFit Coaching, you will take inches off your waist and add yards to your game.

Hi, I'm Michael Sassorossi and I'm 63 years old with a boat load of experience and a huge desire to help you live your best life.

Opened my first business in 1986 with multiple locations

Certified Life Coach

Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator

AFFA Certified Personal Trainer

FRA Advanced Personal Trainer Sport Specific

TPI Titleist Performance Institute Golf Conditioning Special

Host of TV Show “Get Fit With Mike"

​Owned Gyms, Personal Training and Wellness Centers in 2 Countries.

Michael Sassorossi has Trained, coached, and motivated hundreds of people including PhD's from Stanford and Harvard, medical doctors, CEO's of Fortune 100 companies, a PGA Hall Of Famer, many Club Professional and Club Champions along with every day people like us.


"Working with Mike for the past 10 months, monthly new patient numbers have practically doubled; Goals and projects that were once stalled, have been reignited and coming to fruition; and of course, profits have increased."
Dr. Carol DeFranca

"I've been doing the program for 4 weeks and at 67 I'm hitting my drives 20 yards longer. I've been playing a long time and I never heard of using my hips with the kinematic sequence. I used to be all arms. This is amazing!"

​​Neil Wood, Hull, MA

"Mike has transformed me into the person I knew I could be. My belief systems were filled by reasons of fear and hopelessness. Now I'm empowered by trust, love and belief in myself. Thank you Mike! Business is booming!"
Paul Kearney, CEO Atlantis Sports Clubs

Phone +1-781-500-1294
​email Michael@MichaelSassorossi.com

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Phone +1-781-500-1294
​email Michael@EagleFitGolf.com

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