Dr. Scott Chapman
"We agreed to work with Mike to help us grow our healthcare practice. What ended up happening was a transformation in not only our business productivity but how we view our business within the context of our whole life"
Paul Kearney, CEO Atlantis Sports Clubs
"Mike has transformed me into the person I knew I could be. My belief systems were filled by reasons of fear and hopelessness. Now I'm empowered by trust, love, joy and belief in myself. Thank you Mike! Business is booming!"
Dr. Carol DeFranca
"Working with Mike for the past 10 months, monthly new patient numbers have practically doubled; Goals and projects that were once stalled, have been reignited and coming to fruition; and of course, profits have increased."
"Mike is an enthusiastic teacher with tremendous positive energy that resonates with you in the training or coaching sessions. He is very knowledgeable in his field and disciplined to develop and implement a program specific to your state and goals. Always encouraging, happy and focussed on achieving your goals! Thank you Mike"
Bryan Sweeney, PE, PhD
"It is a challenge to put into a few words the value that we have found in working with Coach Mike Sassorossi.

During an initial casual conversation, Mike uncovered limiting beliefs that were holding us back on multiple levels.

We agreed to work with Mike to help us grow our healthcare practice. What ended up happening was a transformation in not only our business productivity but how we view our business within the context of our whole life. Working with Mike has allowed us to blend our spiritual beliefs more thoroughly into our everyday lives and in particular into our business. 

We are witnessing amazing expansion in all aspects of our life.

If you sense that you are struggling to break through to your next level of living, on any level, then contacting Coach Mike should be your very next move."
Dr. Scott Chapman, Boston, MA
"An answer to prayer! Mike Sassorossi has been an absolute Godsend. He has had a profoundly positive effect on our business as well as on interpersonal relationships. My husband and I not only own a healthcare business but work together as clinicians caring for many people with various issues.  
One of the most important facets that Mike has imparted to us is having us recognize the limits we were placing on ourselves, our business and our growth in all aspects of business and life. He encouraged and facilitated us to change our thought patterns and thereby fully embrace what we are privileged to do: own a business, do what we love and provide for our family. His program has also helped us recognize the source of our Power that enables us to serve and bless others.  
Working with Mike for the past 10 months, monthly new patient numbers have practically doubled; Goals and projects that were once stalled, have been reignited and coming to fruition; and of course, profits have increased.
Not only have we had great change and success in our business, personally my mindset has transformed into a more focused, peaceful and encouraged attitude.
And on the personal side, feeling the freedom of being confident to take time out of the office has been priceless. This has strengthened our family life and given me absolute joy to be totally with my children and husband. It’s challenging to wear so many hats as a working mom. What a gift to have a well balanced work - life reality. 
There is no limit to what we can do and how many people we can help. We certainly have Mike to thank for helping open our eyes and changing some limiting beliefs. I thank God daily for crossing our paths. This has been one of the greatest, most lucrative business investments we have made in a very long time."
Dr. Carol DeFranca, Boston, MA
"My business had grown stale and stagnant and by working with Mike, I realized that I had some limiting beliefs that were bogging me down. With a shift in mindset and implementing some strategies, I regained my fastball and I signed up new clients which resulted in a 40% increase. I only wish I did this sooner."
Joe Rull, Boston, MA - Consultant

 "I learned more in my first session with Mike than I did in 6 years of therapy"
-D.G. Boston, MA

"I applied the skills to stop worry and now I'm starting my dream job, started piano lessons and have a much healthier and beautiful relationship with my sons. My mind is definitely at peace and joyful" 
Judy Coughlin, Boston, MA
"I have had the pleasure of working together with Mike in order to make important changes to my life in an effort to experience more Peace and Happiness. I have over my life read and studied extensively many courses in achieving balance and happiness. Mikes Transitional coaching has had an enormous impact! I needed to deal better with stress and anxiety in both my personal and professional life.
We began with 2 sessions while I was in Costa Rica at his wellness center. I completed the workbook provided on line and then we followed up weekly by phone for 4 weeks.
Mikes passionate, positive and supportive approach along with his great sense of connectedness helped me to discover my personal blocks . His coaching assisted me in creating a daily Action Plan by taking baby steps. I wanted to reduce the daily stress, anxiety and always feeling overwhelmed. Mike coached me gently to gain insight into old thought patterns that were preventing me to achieve balance , peace and Happiness. His method and Action plan in the workbook is very effective and coached me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. By assisting in identifying what was blocking me and consider positive alternative options. I now have Balance in my life.
It helped me move through a difficult time and the online follow up was excellent to assist me in staying on track even on weeks I was drained and didn't want to. I actually credit this in part to my healing from a critical illness. 

This was after being diagnosed with a terminal cancer. I believe this coaching helped me overcome my fear and anxiety and helped in my complete recovery despite the odds. He helped me get to the core!!!
I am experiencing much more Peace and Happiness and with Mike's coaching lessons have the ability to successfully navigate Life’s Transitions with Confidence. These are Lifelong tools that are invaluable.
I am forever Grateful to Mike and thank you for your Inspiration and Guidance. I look forward to your online courses and will continue to create Peace and Joy in my life." Mike is a great coach.
 Dr. Kathlynn Hoch D.C., F.I.A.C.A., Canada    

“For me, just a few sessions with Mike has been more helpful and motivating than one year of counseling. It’s like someone reaching out a hand to help you get up and figure out how to move forward; versus ruminating on why you fell, then telling you how you should walk.”
-Jodie Marcantoni PhD, St. Louis, MO

"Almost two months ago I was presented with a challenge. The challenge was to change my life for the better. The challenge was working with Mike and his program. I took the challenge head on. As a result I have grown in ways I could not have predicted both physically and mentally. The results started showing on day one after our first meeting and have continued through today. Before I would struggle calling places to play. Immediately after putting into practice what I learned, people were calling me for jobs!
On top of that my clothes fit me again! Mike has given me the tools and techniques to set goals and accomplish them. His program has given me the ability to see from a far more positive perspective. Through techniques of meditation and visualization I am now able to calm the mind and set and achieve goals. We regularly meet and have goal setting sessions. He also gave me specific physical exercises catered towards functional athletics. As a result of sticking with the program, my body is stronger, my mind is stronger and I have been able to put myself on a new path towards success. I the past two months I have watched my life open up in a truly magical way. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to better their life in any way. I can’t thank Mike enough for guiding me to different path."
 -Bradley Brown Musician/Artist
"I can say that with your coaching in regards to "My Value/Worth" I have had to do 3 value propositions since we completed our program. I have negotiated not only a new position for myself but also a three tiered compensation plan for myself with the owner of the company... Before learning how to present my proposals and state my worth, I would of just missed opportunities and been resentful. Thanks to your guidance I now know my worth and know how to ask for it!
Thank You Mike for what you have done to change my life!"  
 -Bonnie Hoch, Canada
"When I first started talking to Mike in November, I was working a dead end job that prevented me from being able to provide for myself and kept my loans in deferment. I was in school hoping to become a nurse. Have I mentioned my poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle? I was surviving the day upset about things I did yesterday.
By December I landed a job that not only allowed me to pay my loans in abundance, I was now able to store away some money and still had some extra to enjoy myself that week. Three months later I was accepted into nursing school and have plans and goals for after nursing school. I exercise daily and have become a vegan and it turns out this was a tremendous passion for me that Mike and I discovered. Now, I enjoy today and am expecting success and joy for tomorrow, this is new to me and I believe everyone deserves this feeling. After six months, I'm growing and enjoying the beauties of life and I love it, I owe this to Mike and his proven program."
Luke Leavitt - Student

I guide and help people like you to apply God's principles, create a proactive mindset and have vibrant health so you can breakthrough to live your best life and enjoy the journey.

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