Hi, I'm Michael Sassorossi.

I guide and help people like you to apply God's principles, create a proactive mindset and have vibrant health so you can breakthrough to live your best life and enjoy the journey.

This doesn't happen by accident... With this proven system I teach you to:

1. Have a closer connection with God and enjoy His abundant blessings and promises.

2. Take control of your thoughts and feeling and learn how to take positive actions on those thoughts and feelings so you can gain back control of your life with confidence and clarity.

It's a pro-active growth mindset using the third, lesser known, "faculty of the mind" that experts fail to tell you about- yet it contributes to 90% of your actions and decisions.  

I call this "Conative Transformational Development"™(CTD™).

3. How to have vibrant health and renew your youth so you can enjoy life’s journey with peak performance. 

Why do I do this?

I have been inspiring, training, and motivating people to create purpose, power, passion, prosperity and peace in their lives for over three decades. I believe that with a healthy body, mind, and spirit, you can accomplish anything. 

People will have their ups and downs, but I would ask the question how long do you want to stay down and how high do you want to go? Do you want to go from a mundane job to the career of your dream calling? 

Do you want to go from a troubled relationship to rediscovering passion and love in your relationship? 

Do you want to take your business which is stuck in a rut to skyrocketing to success. 

Do you want a deeper spiritual connection with God?
Life hasn't always been easy for me. I have experienced some highs and lows myself. In 1984 I was diagnosed with shingles which in turn caused something called Bell’s Palsy a condition that causes paralysis of the face, it lasted six months. 

I built a successful business from the ground up and watched it go under a few years later due to making some big mistakes.

Within a one year span, I went through the loss of a long-term relationship and then received a diagnosis of kidney cancer. I am happy to report I am cancer free today.
I have had a lot of good in my life too. In my 20's I built a company that did over 1 million dollars in sales and back in the eighties that was not an everyday occurrence. 

I developed a cable TV show called Get Fit With Mike. Recently, I just sold a Wellness Center in Costa Rica and I'm a life coach and international speaker. 

My proudest achievement would be my two beautiful children. These have been some of the successes. You learn from your past and grow, not hold you in a sabotaging pattern.  

Now living in Costa Rica, a place people call paradise, I realize that paradise is not a location but a state of mind. I have dedicated myself to helping people find their joy in life. 

We all experience pain, but I am living proof people can transform from pain and hurt to lasting joy, from failure to success, from heartbreak to happiness, from feeling lost to being deeply connected spiritually. 

I am dedicating myself to helping others find these things in their lives. I know we are all meant to live a joyful life and I coach and inspire people to find their purpose, power, passion, prosperity and peace.

You were born unique. Of all the billions of people who have lived, are living now, or who will ever live there is no one exactly like you. 

By embracing your uniqueness, you will not be beating your head against the wall trying to be someone you're not. You can stop trying to put a square peg into a round hole and as a result avoid feeling frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed. 

Instead, you will live your life with more ease, feel more natural and use the beautiful gifts you possess. You can feel joy in the knowledge that you are on your way to living your best life; the one you're destined to live. To reach the fullness of your destiny, you need to operate at your maximum potential.
By breaking the chains of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and drawing on the power within, you can transform your life and begin to live up to your true potential. 

The power within comes from God. When you incorporate the spiritual principles, cutting edge mind technologies and programs I offer, you will reach your divine destiny, live your dream and be true to your unique self.

I guide and help people like you to apply God's principles, create a proactive mindset and have vibrant health so you can breakthrough to live your best life and enjoy the journey.

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